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HRV Whole Home Ventilation

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HRV Next Generation Core Ventilation Unit

HRV Core Ventilation Unit

Updated for 2016, HRV's Next Generation Core Ventilation Unit now offers more air and better filtration!

Fresh, Filtered Air is Brought in, Old Air is Removed

The HRV Next Generation Core Ventilation Unit is installed in your roof space, changing the air in your home to expel excess moisture, toxins and odours created by cooking, cleaning, breathing and other sources. Incoming air is filtered to remove dusts, pollens and other contaminants, preventing mould and mildew for a fresher, healthier home.

Why Should You Choose HRV Whole Home Ventilation?

  • Better Filtration
  • National Asthma Council Australia - Sensitive Choice Program
    SynSafe F8 Filters utilise world-leading nanofibre technology with ultra thin fibres 500 times thinner than a human hair.
    A special blend of fibres with an industry-leading electrostatic charge attracts lung damaging particles as air flows past.
    Air cannot bypass the filter, which is sealed tight inside the HRV unit with an overlapping seal that fits perfectly.
    Long-lasting SynSafe F8 Filters have a two year lifetime.
    More Information: 10 Reasons Why HRV Filtration Leads the Way (PDF Download).
  • Higher Air Flow
  • The HRV Next Generation Core Ventilation Unit has 10% more air flow than the previous HRV unit.
    The HRV whole home ventilation system has up to 51% more air flow than other ventilation systems when comparing a HRV unit with six diffusers against a competing product with six diffusers.
  • Exclusive and Proprietary Draught Reducing Diffusers
  • HRV Proprietary Diffuser
    The diffusers of a HRV whole home ventilation system are significantly different to those used by competing ventilation systems.
    HRV's patented design is specially shaped to push air along the ceiling and down the walls for maximum reach in every corner of every room in your home.
    Moving air over the thermal mass of your home is essential for proper ventilation and effective heating and cooling. Competing ventilation systems use 'cone' shaped diffusers to blow air downwards, resulting in draughts, hot and cold patches, and air that quickly dissipates when the ventilation system is no longer running.
  • Three Year Warranty
  • HRV whole home ventilation systems offer proven reliability and greater peace of mind, with a standard warranty period of three years.
    HRV SuperCare cover offers further peace of mind by extending the warranty period to five years.
  • New Touchscreen Keypad
  • HRV Touchscreen Keypad
    Intuitive and easy to use.
    It offers one touch access to features such as 'Burnt Toast Mode' and 'Ventilation Level'.
    Burnt Toast Mode overrides the system and forces the fan to run at 100% speed for one hour (customisable from 1 hour to 24 hours). Burnt Toast Mode can be used to clear any odours and smells, or any condensation that may have been trapped behind closed curtains.
    Ventilation Level allows fine tuning of the ventilation mode. At different times of the year, more or less air is needed to clear condensation in your home. The HRV whole home ventilation system uses these levels when roof cavity temperatures are too cool to heat, but the home still needs air to get rid of condensation and damp. Higher levels will bring more cold air into a home, so a balance is needed between condensation clearing and reducing the amount of cold air into the home.
    More Information: Touchscreen Keypad Manual (PDF Download).
  • Market Leaders in Home Ventilation
  • More than 130,000 systems installed in Australia and New Zealand.
    HRV whole home ventilation systems are the only ventilation product endorsed by the National Asthma Council Australia.

Benefits of HRV Whole Home Ventilation

More Information

HRV Summer Kit Accessory

HRV Summer Kit Accessory

An ingenious addition to your HRV Next Generation Core Ventilation Unit that brings cool air in from the South side of your home via ducting to the eave.

The HRV SummerKit Accessory bypasses the roof space, using the cool air from the shadiest side of your home.

Benefits of the HRV SummerKit Accessory

More Information

HRV Heat Transfer Accessory

HRV Heat Transfer Accessory

Rooms that get more sun or have a heat source are generally warmer than those without. With a HRV Heat Transfer Accessory however, you can ensure every room in your home is as warm and cosy as your sunlit lounge.

The HRV Heat Transfer Accessory balances the temperature in your home by evenly distributing energy from a heat source, such as a fireplace or heater, throughout your whole home.

Benefits of the HRV Heat Transfer Accessory

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HRV HRV Purge-Air-Lator Accessory

The HRV Purge-Air-Lator Accessory is designed to extract unwanted hot air from the roof cavity allowing the roof space to cool faster during warm summer months. This allows the HRV Next Generation Core Ventilation Unit to kick in and actively cool the house for longer periods overnight, thus helping to keep the house cool during the day.

The HRV Purge-Air-Lator Accessory is smarter than a Whirly Bird. It automatically expels undesirable hot summer air, but knows not to switch on during winter months when warm air is harnessed by the HRV Next Generation Core Ventilation Unit.

Benefits of the HRV Purge-Air-Lator Accessory

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